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Let me tell your story...

The best stories captivates our interest, connect us to others and teach us something about who we want to be. My name is Shannon Sanders and I am a freelance graphic designer and visual storyteller. Working independently or collaboratively, I can manage your project from concept to finished-product for print and digital media. 


Once upon a time, before there were computers in every home, I began my career at a family-run printing company where I cut-and-pasted with an x-acto blade, a t-square and a wax roller. After earning my BFA in Illustration at Syracuse University, I moved to San Francisco and studied typography and graphic design at Academy of Art College. I landed a job as a graphic designer at a marketing firm where my extensive knowledge of the print industry complemented the more creative side of designing.


Today I live in Austin, Texas with my husband. I love playful and clean design. When I come across a clever design in everyday life, I often stop whatever I’m doing and take a picture for my “Inspiration” album on my phone. 


My favorite projects include logo and branding design, the development of marketing materials and web-based storytelling. Experience (and having raised three daughters) has taught me to be a great listener. I am able to see projects holistically and problem-solve with innovative results. I enjoy collaborating with others, I'm detail-oriented and work well with deadlines. Like my clients, I have high expectations for my work and take great pride in the final product. I’d love to put my skills to use for you and help you tell your story.



Adobe Creative Cloud

  • InDesign

  • Illustrator

  • Photoshop

  • XD

  • Acrobat



  • Photography

  • Photoshoot Art Direction

  • Press checks

  • Print management

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